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80% our clients reach 7 figures within 1 to 3 years
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WORK WITH 7-figure coach with 30 years of volume experience

It's been 1 year and I have DOUBLED revenue every month since January!"

"In the month of March, I collected $106,000.00.  Conversions to care is 100%. I've hit 95% of my practice objectives.  The major advantage was the new procedures and marketing that has instantly changed a lot of my missing procedures."
                                                                                          Dr. Barry Kluner, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

"2017 was a record year and next year is shaping up for another record!"

"I've been coached all my life and know the importance of having a great coach. Mike and CMI have helped me quadruple my volume and revenues. In 2016 we hit a RECORD of $1.2 million and in 2017 we hit $1.4 million in gross collections. Mike even helped with the layout of our new practice. Next year is shaping up to be another record year!"

Dr. Clayton Roach, Bedford, Nova Scotia

"Our income hit a record of $1.6 million and we just started our 2nd practice."

A as G6 doctor, I've been coaching with Mike for 10 years.  Every year we continue to grow.  He knows the business of Chiropractic inside and out.  we decided to start a 2nd practice in a nearby town and within a few months, we made it profitable.  we couldn't have done it without Dr. Mike's help.  Thank-you Mike."
                                                                                                             Dr. Jason Wilson, Cambridge, ON

Meet Dr. Mike Reid
CEO - Chiropractic Masters International
         - Prosperity 10X
  • 7-Figure Practitioner For 22+ Years
  • Speaker At CalJam, Parker, ChiroFest, UCA, ChiroPed, TEL
  • International Coach With Clients In US, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, UK
  • Co-Developer & Spokes Person Of NuvaSuite EHR Software
  • Managing Director Of Health First Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Founder & CEO Of The Prosperity 10X Digital Marketing,  
Meet Jessica, Founder, CEO
  • Keynote Speaker at Funnel Hacking Live, 2018
  • Forbes 40 Under 40 in Business & Marketing, 2018
  • Sold a company I ran for 7 years for $1.5b, 2018
  • Launched The Rocket Accelerator, 2017
  • Joined Russell Brunson's Inner Circle, 2017
  • Selected for the ClickFunnel's Design-A-Thon, 2017 
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