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Inside This E-Book, You'll Discover How To Grow Your Practice In Weeks... Not Years! Get Your 
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67 Proven Simple & Winning Split Tests Steps You Can Use To Attract More New Patients, Boost Conversions, Double Retention & Dramatically Increase Your Income Towards Your 7-Figure Practice.
What You Will Learn In This E-Book
A practice building guide full of proven and practical techniques, where all the guesswork has been removed, so you can avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls of building your practice into 2019 and beyond.

Benefit #1- Attraction

Build your practice with simple, easy to use tools that attract more new patients to make a more profitable month. These are tools used today in some of the most profitable million dollars practices worldwide

Benefit #2 - Conversion

Immerse yourself in practical procedures that easily convert prospects in patients that say, “YES” to lifetime wellness care, and increase your conversions to 95%

Benefit #3 - Retention

Transform your PVA three to four fold with simple steps that goal post your patient from acute to corrective to wellness care, and beat the national average PVA of 10.

Benefit #4 - Wellness Care

Turn your practice into a wellness machine by using 3 simple steps that convert 95% of your patients to yearly wellness care plans.

Benefit #5 - Upsell

What does the pyramid stack and the magic number “15”, have to do with doubling and tripling nutrition sales. You’ll learn time tested techniques that create passive, point of sales profit.

Benefit #6 - Perfect Procedures

Discover the flawless and perfect Day1, Day 2 and Day 3 procedures, that bring your patients predictably from new patient into paying patient, every time.
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The Sampler
I love Costco. My wife thinks I’m obsessed with it…and she’s right! Costco has stations with samplers throughout the store. You could literally have lunch there if you went around twice (joke). You buy! Could you do the same in your practice and increase your point of sales? Absolutely!

We do this quite a bit with products like Greens First. This is a greens product that we sample at the front desk.

1. We check salivary pH

2. We then give a chilled sample from a carafe.

3. We offer sample packs or the product at a 15% discount

4. We give the patient a benefit handout

5. We sell a boatload

Samplers can and should be done about once a month. My first time introducing a sampler, we sold $8,000 worth of product in my practice, at a 100% mark-up. You can do this too!

Observation: Samplers increase sales significantly and can add up to $100,000 extra income per practice.
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Dr. Justine Blainey Broker

"Dr. Mike has changed the course of my life. With the proven techniques in this book, I was able to break 800 patient visits per week and the $2M mark. Thanks once again, Dr. Mike."
                  Dr. Blainey Wellness Chiropractic, Brampton, ON

Dr. Matthew Loop -

"Dr. Mike is a marketing and practice building genius. The material in this e-book is relevant, timely and applicable to any Chiropractor in 2019, 2020 and beyond, who wants to grow their practice. By far, the best $6.97 I ever spent"
I Will Sell Only 200 Copies At This Price
The "Pisiform Code" has been 27 years in the making. And now it’s yours for only $6.97!

Attraction! Conversion! Retention! Upsell! Wellness! Procedures! These are some of the pillars of practice growth, that once refined in your practice, creates a superior foundation for years of growth, prosperity and a sound financial future.

Any researcher can tell you that by changing VARIABLES, you can change OUTCOMES. After 27 years of multiple coaching programs, years of mastermind groups, decades of experimenting and still today, ongoing implementing, I can guarantee one thing…that if you can change your current status quo, from one of stagnation, to a proven system that has created million dollar practices worldwide, you will witness a significant growth in your practice.

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Dr. Mike Reid
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