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Here's What You'll Get When You Purchase Your Prosperity 10X Summit Ticket:
  • 2 Days Of 12 PowerFul Practice¬† Building Speakers that will unselfishly share everything that is GROWING practices.
  • Real "Meat & Potatoes" learning with 2019/2020 cutting-edge Chiropractic building techniques and new patient attraction tools.
  • Access To "G7 Break-Out" Panel Masterminds who have built 7-figure practices.
  • Current Facebook techniques that create an avalanche of new patients every month, delivered by the top¬† Chiropractic Facebook guru's in the profession.
  • Learn the newest funnel rave in Chiropractic, with "ChiroFunnel Secrets" that's adding new patients every month with 1 marketing umbrella.
  • Lessons on "Becoming The Authority" in your community and making your competition irrelevant.
  • How to increase your pediatric population in my practice
  • Techniques on Spinal Correction and why it's leading the charge in 2020
  • How to create a massive passive secondary line of income, while still building your practice
  • Profit First - Chiropractic's newest resource to reduce your overhead, keep more of your hard-earned dollars and become more profitable
  • How to execute success Dinner Workshops and Annual Patient Appreciation Day Dinners that attract over 60 new patients
  • How the profession's best websites are attracting 3-5 quality new patients per week with the 12 webiste must haves.
  • How to master the NEW Facebook Chatbot as a new patient attraction's like moths to a flame.
  • And much, much, more!
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