BLUEPRINT - The Practice Mastery & New Patient Machine Bootcamp

Perfect Day 1 & Day 2 Procedures With An Avalanche Of New Patients Through Internal, External, Digital Marketing & Social Media Mastery Skills.  Oct 7-9, 2022, Richmond, Virginia
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Here's What You'll Start To Master at "Blueprint - The Practice Mastery & New Patient Machine Bootcamp"
  • Get back to the basics with perfect procedures that convert 95% of your new patients to care. 
  • Massively improve your retention with care plans and wellness care that add $5000 per month per 100 pv/week.
  • Increase your practice efficiency by 200% and income with our signature care plans, mapping and adjustment procedures
  • Immerse yourself in learning direct response and understanding how to get the most from your ROI
  • Secrets to identifying the 5 key areas of your practice to focus on with your quarterly 5 objectives
  • Learn the organic art of asking for new patients and the world famous "Family Gift Certificate", without begging or selling.  These techniques won't cost you a dime.
  • Master the "Art Of The Close" and how to magnetically get patients to "Buy" from you and never "Sell" again.
  • Discover how to use corrective care and adjust in under 3 minutes
  • Learn from Dr. Tim Burkhart teaches on the art of Spinal Decompression with hands on a Hill Decompression Table
  • Discover the top 5 internal marketing tools that work in 2022
  • Master the top 5 external marketing techniques every Chiropractor needs to know, including "The Ultimate Dinner Workshop"
  • Learn the 2022 hacks to optimize your website to attract 20+ new patients per month.
  • Master front desk techniques to increase new patient referrals by 10X
  • Discover how to quickly make and edit award-winning videos like patient testimonials, workshop invitations, and "How To" videos for Youtube.
  • Master the best 2022 social media hacks from FB, IG, Youtube, & Email
  • Learn the art of authority and persuasion through your Facebook ads, without giving away the exam
  • Discover how to optimize your Youtube videos with discriptor tags, captions and annotation, and how to build a "subscribed" audience
  • Master the our automated Funnel Secrets, for Chiros, and the all-in-one sales funnels that include video sales letter, optins, carts, lead generation systems, and automated booking systems.
  • How to scale your practice for growth while making it wildly successful
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