Blueprint & The Business Of Wellness
The Life You Want, The Practice You Want... The Finances That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By The Practice You Build!
We've Built Hundreds Of 7-Figure Practice...Is Yours Next?
We've Got Massive Plans For You At Blueprint:
  • Learn how to predictably get patients to say "YES" to lifetime care...We'll reveal the secret sauce in our million dollar formula!
  •  Day 1 and Day 2 procedures that effortlessly help new patients get the "BIG IDEA" and to buy corrective care and wellness care plans
  •  Secrets to 95% re-signs into lifetime WELLNESS CARE plans...It's a simple 3 step process
  •  How to set up, deliver and close all your patients and guests with the World's #1 Doctor's Report...and close $2500 - $4500 care plans
  •  Discover how to create an avalanche of new patients through multiple pillars of internal, external, social media marketing techniques.
  •  Current Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Funnel and Chatbot techniques
Here's What We're Delivering At This Year's Blueprint & The Business Of Wellness
This 2-Day event is designed to help you scale your practice regardless of its size or years in practice.

I want to share with you my 28 years of  TRANSFORMATION experience, that we'll create together for your office.

There is one unifying goal for all our doctors...and that's to take YOUR practice to...

The Next Level and make you Ultra SuccessFul...Period!
Only 40 Seats Available...And Then The Doors Close Until Next Year!
This is a private and exclusive training, reserved only for doctors who are truly HUNGRY and have an inner DRIVE to create their very own 7-FIGURE practice!
PHASE 1 - Transform Your Conversion
For many of you, converting patients to care has always been frustrating.  There's alway challenges and excuses with:
Spouse can't make it
No time for a report
And the list goes on RIGHT?
Now You Can Change All Of That In JUST ONE WEEKEND.  
Let's Put An End To All The Excuses, Lost Income And Sitting Around In Your Practice When You Should Be Serving More And Earning More!  
  • Eliminate The Money Dilemma:  With one SIMPLE question that gets ALL my patients to say "YES"
  • Stop The Insurance Insanity: With our cash plans that are rockin a 95% conversion, with or w/o insurance
  • Quadruple Your Retention: From a paltry international of 10 to well over 40+ right into lifetime wellness
PHASE 2 - Triple Your Retention
Retention has always been a NIGHTMARE for many of you...and it's directly proportional to your recommendations.  You're frustrated with:
  • Dropouts:  Like they fell off the face of the earth
  • Not Starting Care:  After their first exam
  • Using Only Insurance: And then stopping care
  •  Pain Based:  And not getting the BIG IDEA
  • It's Time To Change All Of That With Proven And Time-Tested Techniques That...
  •  Massively Increase Your PVAWith care plans that convert 95% at the FRONT end...and 95% at the BACK end to lifetime wellness
  • Triple Your Income:  With an increase in retention comes an increase in income...many of our doctors are collecting 6 figures per month.   
  • Lifestyle Changes:  Beyond pain, patients notice more energy, less stress, and immune systems.  Easily quadruple your retention with our Wellness Care plans
PHASE 3 - Double Your New Patients
Your new patient attraction has always been a CHALLENGE.  Intelligent docs like you know that a great month of new patients...usually equals growth and a RECORD income. And there are only 3-tiers of practice building very few know.  We'll unselfishly reveal them at Blueprint.
It's Time To Master 2020 Techniques That We Actually Use In Our Practice...Every Day!
  • Internal & External - Master simple and easy systems that cost you pennies per new patient and learn how to get them while you "TIC"
  • Social Media & Websites Secrets - That we teach at our exclusive social media marketing boot camp.  We'll share the TOP 3 here at Blueprint. 
  • Funnel Mastery - The new RAVE that uses direct response Call-To-Action video sales letters, order bumps, one time offers, upsells and downsells.  This stuff is radical, based on sound marketing principles and it works like crazy, attracting 25 to 40 new patients to our practice every month.   Cool huh?
PHASE 4 - Add $5000+ Per Month To Your Wellness Care
You get adjusted on a regular basis...why shouldn't your patients?  The average Chiropractor gets adjusted on average 1x per week.   And with the wellness revolution, you can learn how to easily and quickly add our world famous Wellness Care Plans that patients are snapping up...adding MASSIVE amounts of income $$$ to your practice. 
You're One Weekend Away To Transform Your Practice To A Whole New Wellness Based Practice
  • Our Signature 3 Step Formula - To turn your pain or corrective patient into a wellness-based patient
  • Proven Wellness Care Plans - A 95% success rate, where patients pay in cash...and for the whole year
  • Quadruple Your Retention: From a paltry international of 10 to well over 40+ right into lifetime wellness

THE AGENDA - DAY 1 Friday June 5
Starts 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Health First Chiropractic & Wellness
11520 Nuckols Road, Suite 101
Glen Allen, Virginia, 23059
It All Begins With Solid Day 1 Procedures
Before your patients will BUY from you, they must first LIKE and TRUST you!  Makes sense right?  Learn fresh and relevant 2020 techniques that allow you to create outrageous rapport with your new patients and turn them into raving fans before they leave your office on Day 1
  • Build Rapport: Conceptual based affinity building that gains instant trust
  • Well Oiled Machine: Perfect procedures for a seamless Day 1 & Day 2
  • The Doctor's Report: The paradigm shift towards the "Big Idea"
  • Care Plans: Our international success rate is "KILLING IT" at a 95% conversion
  • Retention Tools: That uses objective critieria patients can understand
  • Flawless Financials: Roleplay with Dr. Mike and massively improve your conversions to 3, 6 and 12 month care plans.
You Can't Grow It Unless You Can Ask For The Order!  

AGENDA DAY 2 - Saturday June 6
Starts 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

So We Finish Up With Solid Day 2 & 3 Procedures Towards Lifetime Care
With 28 years experience in a high volume practice, we've learned a thing or two about care plans?  We'll immerse you in tested and proven techniques that get an eviable 95% of patients to say "YES" to your care plan, regardless if it's cash or cash with insurance. 
  • The Day 3: Introduce your patients to your MAP system and practice "etiquette"for seamless flow of care and growth
  • Ridiculous Retention: Follow our time tested procedures where we "goal post" our patients who look forward to their next comparative exam
  • Anniversary Report & Care Plans: The most underutilized care plans in a doctors office. Our research show you're leaving a lot on the table in volume and income.  Quickly learn how to add an additional $5000 per 100 pv/week.
  • Dominate The Conversation: Learn how to dominate social media in your practice to capture your lion's share of hot new prospects
  • Get Video Happy: Discover how to use your i-phone for testimonials, facebook, Youtube and more
  • Funnel Secrets Mastery: The newest RAGE that is like something you've never seen before...but is adding new patients in droves to your practice.
So What ARE You Waiting For...An Invitation?
 You're Just 1 Weekend Away From The 7-Figure Practice Where You'll Start Enjoying...

  • Financial Freedom & Financial Independence...
  • Sharing The Chiropractic Message With More People...
  • Providing More For Your Family...
  • ​Taking more holidays like every 3 months.
  •  Changing The World...
  •  Serving More People...
  • ​Creating college funds for your children
  • ​Building a wealth account for retirement.
  •  And... Spending More Time With Your Loved Ones.
The Only Constant In The Universe Is Change.  Don't Get Left Behind
  • Be...A better doctor with systems that work in 2020
  • Do...A better job with attraction, conversion and retention techniques used by us...everyday! 
  • Have...More abundance, joy, love, and freedom for years to come
Hyatt House Richmond West, Short Pump Town Center, 11800 W Broad St, Suite 1098 Henrico, VA 23233
+1 804-360-7021
*UBER Rides are $5 to $10 from the hotels at Short Pump to our practice and training location
** We can arrange a pre-event hotel pickup at the following times:
2:00 noon Friday, June 5th and 8:30 am Saturday, June 6th. 
Contact for pickup. **
Still Sitting On The Fence?  Well, Listen To Those That Fell On The Side Of Blueprint!
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